Yu-Gi-Oh! Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge - Pack Breaks | Tuesday, 16th November

$60.00 NZD
What size slot do you want?

Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge is in the country already!!

With the spoilers coming out and the realisation of 9 Starlight Rares I thought it's as good a time as any to announce we'll be doing pack breaks for Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge! We've got a whole 2 cases up for grabs for anyone wanting to get amongst! Lets pull some exodia pieces!

We're offering 3 different types of slots.
- Single Pack slots - $7 (Just 1 pack from a sealed Crystal Revenge box)
- 6x Sealed Packs slots - $38
- 1x Sealed Box Slots - $140

Everyone who enters these pack breaks goes into the draw to win 1 of 6 giveaways!! Buying a 6x Packs slot gets you 1 entry into the giveaway and buying a box gets you 3 entries into the giveaway! The more slots you buy the more chances you get!

The items we're giving away are (pictured on the side):
1x Legend of the Crystal Beast Sealed Playmat
1x Shaddoll Showdown Sealed Playmat
1x Unchained Sealed Playmat
1x Sealed "Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage!" Sleeves 70ct
1x Sealed "Mayakashi Metamorphosis" Sleeves 70ct
1x Sealed "Yuki-Onna the Ice Mayakashi" Sleeves 70ct

Time: 12am Wednesday 16th November (Tuesday Night/Wednesday Morning)
Price: Single Pack Slot/$7 | 1x 6 Packs Slots/$38 | 1x Sealed box slot/$140

Slot location on boxes.
Each box has 4 slots. #1-#4 occupy the first box.

  • The first slot of each box is the top left 6 packs.
  • The second slot of each box is the top right 6 packs.
  • The third slot of each box is the bottom left 6 packs.
  • The fourth slot of each box is the bottom right 6 packs.

Box 1 = 1/2/3/4
Box 2 = 5/6/7/8
Box 3 = 9/10/11/12
Box 4 = 13/14/15/16
Box 5 = 17/18/19/20
Box 6 = 21/22/23/24

Link to buy slots: https://dicejargames.com/products/yu-gi-oh-battles-of-legend-crystal-revent-pack-breaks-tuesday-16th-november
Link to Live Stream: https://youtu.be/tlVym9YSp9M

The all-foil Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge* booster set introduces never-before released cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series.


The all-foil Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge* booster set introduces new, never-before released cards from the Yu-Gi-Oh! animated series ranging from the original series all the way through Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS!

The Advanced Crystal Beasts from Yu-Gi-Oh! GX make their long-awaited debut! These sinister forms of the Crystal Beasts come with advanced versions of their original powers, like Advanced Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger, which gives its ATK boost to ALL your Crystal Beasts – and lowers the ATK of your opponent’s monsters, too! The original “Crystal Beast” cards and related cards also work with the Advanced Crystal Beasts, so you can power up your Structure Deck: Legend of the Crystal Beasts even further!

Duelists who built a Deck with Joker’s Knight from King’s Court and the 3 Musketeers of Face Cards will finally be able to incorporate Yugi’s Royal Straight Slasher from the finale of the Grand Championship arc into their strategy! 3 Musketeers of Face Cards is one of the available strategies in the new Rivalry of Warlords Organized Play format, so Duelists interested in learning the basics of the Deck before the new cards release should inquire about this event type at their local OTS or at a YCS event.

Moving from the original series all the way to Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS, Duelists will also be able to build another one of the Ignis-powered Decks! This time it’s the Earth Ignis’ Deck, a strategy built on EARTH Cyberse Link Monsters that co-link into an impenetrable wall.

In addition to a wide array of cool new cards, Battles of Legend: Crystal Revenge will give Duelists another chance to acquire select older cards as well.

Each 5-card pack contains 4 Ultra Rares and 1 Secret Rare.