Flesh and Blood: Outsiders Pack Breaks Pre-Release | Thursday Night 23rd March

$6.00 NZD
Pack Slot Size

Outsiders releases Friday 24th of March and to celebrate Dice Jar Games is opening at 8.30pm Thursday 24th March for a Pre-Release pack breaks!! We'll be doing live pack breaks for people NZ wide to purchase and see their pulls before it hits release date! Lets get those Marvels!!

Stream will be happening on the Team Dice Jar - Flesh and Blood YouTube channel linked below.

Time: 8.30pm NZT - March 24th, 2023
Price: $6/$32 
Slots: $6 - Single Pack Slot | $32 - 6x Packs Slot

Link to Live Stream: youtube.com/c/team-dice-jar-flesh-and-blood

Dynasty is an expansion booster set that takes you inside the Imperial Palace of Volcor. Play as the Emperor and defend your Dynasty against the rebellious uprising sweeping the land.

Dynasty is designed to expand constructed play with new support for all existing classes, the introduction of a brand new class, and Relics of War, a collection of Marvel weapons and equipment to proudly display in your own trophy room.