Yu-Gi-Oh! News! | New YGO Sneak Peek Events Announced!

Yu-Gi-Oh! News! | New YGO Sneak Peek Events Announced!

January 26, 2020

Last week it was announced that sneak peek events in Yu-Gi-Oh! were being retired. It has officially been announced the format of the events replacing Sneak Peeks!

Based on OTS Docs released by Italian Yu-Gi-Oh (FB Post below) the new events are being called "Core Booster Premiere" events. 

Previously Sneak Peek events have typically run as sealed play style events with full-size rubber playmats being given out as prizes. It seems this format is changing to official tournament stores giving out exclusive promo cards and mouse mats for attending events. Also changing is the play style. Sealed play is no longer the format for premiere events, stores will have the option of running open dueling advanced play for premiere events.

Previously at sneak peek events entrants have only been able to purchase their entry packs at the start of the event. This has now changed also. As of Eternity Codes core booster premiere event duelists will now have the opportunity to purchase booster packs on the day of the event. 

These changes have many positives and I'm sure negatives for lots of different duelists. I'm sure many duelists will miss the opportunity to win exclusive playmats from their local OTS, but then there is also the opportunity to purchase lots of stock ahead of the release date at the store owners' discretion. 

You can see the post for yourself below and decide for yourself what you think. 

Source: Italian Yu-Gi-Oh!

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