Huge Changes Coming for Future Yu-Gi-Oh! Products/Events!

Huge Changes Coming for Future Yu-Gi-Oh! Products/Events!

January 21, 2020

Starting with the upcoming booster set Eternity Code (releases May 1st 2020), the TCG will be going through some significant changes to it’s products and events!

We all already know that from Eternity Code we will no longer be printing “Rare” cards in the TCG. According to Renebrain who was attending community day at Konami in Germany. It was also confirmed that Super, Ultra, and Secret rare cards will now be distributed evenly between rarities. Meaning that no particular foil will be short or underprinted in main sets going forward from Eternity Code.

Ignition Assault is going to be the very last Sneak Peek event! They have been retired after Ignition Assault. From Eternity Code they will be replaced with Pre-Release events.

These pre release events will contain better promotional cards and players will get the opportunity to purchase a booster box of stock 1 week before release. The event will be played with open duelling rather than sealed play.

Special editions will also be retired after Ignition Assault and replaced in the future with a different product to be announced in the future.

Rush Duels are not being released in the TCG for now. It will be an OCG exclusive product for at least the near future. This is being considered the OCG equivalent of Speed Duels.

More details to come.

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