Flesh and Blood end of year update!

Flesh and Blood end of year update!

December 31, 2019

To celebrate the end of the year our friends at Legend Story Studios have released an end of year update for Flesh and Blood TCG!

In an update released by James White founder of Flesh and Blood TCG, he announced plans for change within FAB coming in the new year.

After talking about their experience to date with FAB and how much it's appreciated the "rapid development" of their "passionate fan-base" James went on to give us a glimpse of what 2020 has in store for the game.

The changes are as following:

  • International distributors

From the beginning of January FAB will now be officially available for local game stores to purchase through major distributors in the USA and Australia. This will result in FAB being more available for hundreds of local game stores across the globe.


  • New territories

James announced that Malaysia was officially welcomed to Rathe as an official territory back in November and Taiwan will have an official launch in January! James went on to say that there would be an announcement made regarding Europe in the new year!


  • Launch of new official FAB website

Launching in "late-January" LSS will be releasing an updated website. Special features announced with this update include event locators, leaderboards, and judge certification.


  • New Local OP programs

Starting in the new year there will officially be "premier level in-store events." James writes that the $10k Calling series was a great way of launching the game and meeting all the new fans but know that fans have been wanting a local alternative to the events. These events are described as being "premier-level in-store events" that will "feed into major tournaments like National Champs."


  • Newest Booster Set Announced!

Pre-releases happening from March 22-23, this set will officially release on March 27. The set titled "Arcane Rising" will introduce four remaining regions from Rathe as well as "much anticipated magical classes." Players entering Arcane Rising pre-release events will receive an exclusive young hero promo card. Keep an eye on the Dice Jar Games event calendar for future FAB pre-release announcements. 

The official description for Arcane Rising is below:

"The world was simple, man and woman measured against each other on their prowess of muscle and mind. But from the southern reaches of Rathe, dark arts and aether manipulation have again found practitioners of the forbidden warfare. As the fight takes new shape, heroes must adapt or die. Sword and shield will not be enough to survive the Arcane Rising!"


Source: https://fabtcg.com/articles/happy-new-year-lss/?fbclid=IwAR3x_k31gNpgP5TRBh68IsLA_W6HWOy5V4iOpJ1elmYq8X-DKh83OE1GV8A

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