Dice Jar Games Store Update!

Dice Jar Games Store Update!

February 15, 2020

Hi there everyone!

Dice Jar Games is very slowly coming to fruition!

We have hit a few road bumps along the way but Dice Jar Games is on track to be open soon!

Recently I allowed myself to be complacent while negotiating a lease and unfortunately that has caused a delay in the store opening.

Until this previous Monday (10th February) the plan was to be open by the end of February which we were pretty well on track for as well. 

Unfortunately while waiting for a lease agreement to be sent through by the agent in charge of leasing the tenancy, the landlord decided to sign another tenant to the lease. 

This, unfortunately, means the best-case scenario is that the earliest we can be open now is April 1st.

Please keep an eye on our page for future updates! 

We will still be posting TCG news as we find it and doing future card game event coverage so stay tuned!

Greg Mansfield
Dice Jar Games

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